The Advantage of Concrete Polishing

Clean and shiny flooring brings out the best in you. It is like a reflection of one’s personality. Dull floor makes your surroundings a gloomy look. If your floor is well polished, its radiance makes a lively ambiance. The concrete floor is rather hard to polish and make it shine, but with the right knowledge on doing it and of course with the right tools and equipment, all these can be achieved successfully.

The advantage is that it will turn dull concrete floors to elegant looking polished concrete floors, making your home environmentally-friendly atmosphere and easier to clean. It may cost you some amount, but the result is all worth it.

First thing and foremost, you need to do some calculation if your concrete floor needed some ground treatments in order to have a clean and dry concrete surface especially if you apply it to a wider area. You need to seal every opening and remove any foreign objects on the surface. Use chemical hardeners and densify the surface before polishing. This will make your concrete floor sturdy and more durable for years to come. The relevance of densifying your concrete floor is that it won’t peel off and chip easily. No bubbles will show up once the holes are sealed so don’t worry about extra expenses. Use standard sealants.

Use a mechanical grinder with various diamond grit resin pads. You can start with smaller grits and gradually increase the level up to 800 grits. This sounds good enough though you may increase up to 3,000 resin grits to achieve the ultimate sheen you desire. For finishing touches, you can apply stain and dye waxes of your own choice after polishing.

After the concrete polishing is done, you need to apply anti-stain polisher to protect any spill overs. The advantage of a well polished concrete floor is that it only needs lesser maintenance. You don’t have to spend much for manpower for the cleaning process. You can only wipe your concrete with light soap and water and dry it off at least once a week without vanishing the sheen of the concrete. You don’t have to apply strong solutions to remove stubborn dirts and stains which could be harmful to the environment. Bear in mind that these techniques are only solutions to beautify your concrete flooring and to maintain its smoothness thus protecting your concrete floor from being damaged is still needed.For safeguard, protect yourself with proper gadget/outfit to protect you from dust when you do concrete polishing. Dispose of your wastes properly. For further information, you may ask the professional advice of machine distributors in your locality or via online for proper guidance and safety measures.

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