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Concrete Floor Polishing Ft Lauderdale

The Advantage of Concrete Polishing

Clean and shiny flooring brings out the best in you. It is like a reflection of one’s personality. Dull floor makes your surroundings a gloomy look. If your floor is well polished, its radiance makes a lively ambiance. The concrete floor is rather hard to polish and make it shine, but with the right knowledge on doing it and of course with the right tools and equipment, all these can be achieved successfully.

The advantage is that it will turn dull concrete floors to elegant looking polished concrete floors, making your home environmentally-friendly atmosphere and easier to clean. It may cost you some amount, but the result is all worth it.

First thing and foremost, you need to do some calculation if your concrete floor needed some ground treatments in order to have a clean and dry concrete surface especially if you apply it to a wider area. You need to seal every opening and remove any foreign objects on the surface. Use chemical hardeners and densify the surface before polishing. This will make your concrete floor sturdy and more durable for years to come. The relevance of densifying your concrete floor is that it won’t peel off and chip easily. No bubbles will show up once the holes are sealed so don’t worry about extra expenses. Use standard sealants.

Use a mechanical grinder with various diamond grit resin pads. You can start with smaller grits and gradually increase the level up to 800 grits. This sounds good enough though you may increase up to 3,000 resin grits to achieve the ultimate sheen you desire. For finishing touches, you can apply stain and dye waxes of your own choice after polishing.

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After the concrete polishing is done, you need to apply anti-stain polisher to protect any spill overs. The advantage of a well polished concrete floor is that it only needs lesser maintenance. You don’t have to spend much for manpower for the cleaning process. You can only wipe your concrete with light soap and water and dry it off at least once a week without vanishing the sheen of the concrete. You don’t have to apply strong solutions to remove stubborn dirts and stains which could be harmful to the environment. Bear in mind that these techniques are only solutions to beautify your concrete flooring and to maintain its smoothness thus protecting your concrete floor from being damaged is still needed.

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For safeguard, protect yourself with proper gadget/outfit to protect you from dust when you do concrete polishing. Dispose of your wastes properly. For further information, you may ask the professional advice of machine distributors in your locality or via online for proper guidance and safety measures.


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Concrete Polishing Ft Lauderdale

Concrete floors are not just used in large warehouses and industrial buildings. This kind of flooring is also popular among studios, condo units, and loft apartments; however, these establishments do not use the dull-looking and boring concrete floors you are imagining. You would want to have polished and shiny concrete floors that can be a very good alternative to expensive floorings such as marble, tiles or granite. Thankfully concrete polishing can give your floor a good look. Polished concrete floors are both practical and beautiful at the same time. Because of floor polishing, your dirty-looking and gray floor can become shiny, easy-to-clean and elegant floor.

With the technology and advanced equipments we have today, there are now floor experts who can grind your concrete floors to a high-gloss finish. This kind of finish makes waxing and coating unnecessary.

You probably would want to do the polishing yourself, however this is just impossible and impractical. The entire floor polishing process requires you to be an expert and use heavy-duty machineries. These kinds of machines are expensive because it has diamond disks that do the actually grinding of the concrete surface until the desired smoothness and shine is achieved.

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You cannot simply include concrete polishing as one of your DIY projects because of the investment you have to make. Aside from buying expensive machines, you must have the right skill and knowledge to properly polish a concrete floor. Hiring professionals is the most practical thing to do because they have the right equipments, skills and experience of doing such task.

You can ask professionals to polish both new and old concrete floors. Floor polishing is a procedure similar to wood sanding. Polishing removes the upper, old surface by grinding. Grinding exposes the underlying, shiny, new concrete.

Concrete floors lose their shine due to years of foot traffic. Wear and tear on your concrete floors may be removed by polishing. New floors also need polishing to keep them shiny for a long period of time; also polishing removes dust accumulated during the floor installation.

Polished floors are very easy to maintain and clean. Unlike unpolished floors, they do not collect dust, dirt, mildew, mold and other allergens. Polished floors do not have creases and pores that collect dust and allergens. Polished floors prevents allergy reactions, asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases that are caused by dusts, molds, etc..

To maintain your polished floor, all you have to do is to mop it regularly. Accidental spill, such as grease and oil, does not stain your floor.

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Another reason why concrete floors are practical is because they can last for several years. They do not easily get damaged compared to other expensive floorings.

Aside from easy to maintain, shiny concrete floors’ ability to reflect heat and light can save you money on your electricity bill. Because of its glass-like characteristic, it can brighten and heat up your home.

Thanks to the technology available and professionals to do the concrete polishing Ft Lauderdale, you no longer have to be stuck up with boring, dull-looking concrete floors. Professionals are more than willing to help you bring life to your concrete floors with different colors and styles.


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Concrete Cleaning Ft Lauderdale

Concrete Cleaning By Pressure Washing

If your concrete floors look worn out by grease spots and oil marks, you may need concrete cleaning by pressure washing your floors. A pressure washer with the right accessories and the right cleaning solutions can clean about any kind of surface because water under high pressure can dislodge dirt, grime, oil, grime, and even the hardest stains.

Concrete is a porous material with numerous tiny holes that can harbor dirt, mold, and deep, stubborn stains. These dirt and grime can cause your concrete floor to discolor over time and can result to unsightly patterns on your floor.

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For dirt and grime, pressure washing with water alone can do a good job of cleaning concrete but if you need to remove oil or grease like in your driveway or garage, you can clean by using a pressure washer with attachments to add the cleaning chemicals.

Most homeowners do not own a pressure washer but there are models available for one-day rentals at any home improvement stores. If you must, get a 3,000 PSI model and a hot water unit. Hot water is always superior to cold water when it comes to cleaning jobs.

A combination of pressure washing and a suitable cleaning chemical is used to get a much cleaner result and to restore dull looking concrete surface to its original look. Suppliers of pressure washing equipment usually have appropriate products available for specific stains. Always check their recommendations for your particular application. These cleaning chemicals are used to dissolve the stain, break or reduce the bond between the concrete surface and the contaminant, so stain removal becomes easier.

Like any other power tool in your shop, a pressure washer must be handled with care. It must not be left running unattended. You have to wear protective eyewear and clothing when you operate a pressure washer. You have to be sure that there are no small objects or debris from the area before pressure washing as they could become airborne under the pressure from the jet. Engage the safety lock on the trigger when you are not washing or when you are changing nozzle tips. You have to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet when spraying around electrical masts or outlets.

And never point the power washer at a person or animal, nor put your hand in front of the nozzle. The pressurized water steam can penetrate the skin and cause serious cuts. Pressure washers can deliver powerful pressure that can cause serious injuries if not used properly.

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When grime, dirt, and stains have already worked their way into the structure of your concrete floors, you need to hire the services of a reputable concrete cleaning company. There are several pressure washing methods that are involved in the cleaning process of concrete structures, so it is recommended that this job be left in the hands of professionals who are efficient at their work, who use chemicals that are environment friendly, and who are experts in handling pressure washing equipment.


Professional concrete cleaning with pressure washer eliminates streaking on the concrete surface and saves time and effort for homeowners.